Fundraising Information

Planning an event or campaign to raise money for your school, organization, or simply for a good cause? Custom reflectors are a great way to:

PROMOTE safety to your school, organization and community
FUNDRAISE by selling functional products everyone will wear
GENERATE profits to support your initiative and goals

We can work with you to design an attractive custom reflector for your fundraising campaign, whether your campaign is online or in-person solicitations.
We have a large selection of standard shapes that can customized with your graphics or we can create a customized shape for your exclusive use. You can choose from our different types of reflective accessories, such as clip-on reflectors, reflective SlapSticks™, reflective stickers and sticker sets, pet reflectors, luggage tags, and more.

Reflector fundraising information page

Quality is a very important consideration because there are no standards in North America for personal safety reflectors used by non-professionals. This has resulted in a wide range of quality and reflectivity in reflectors sold for personal use. Finnex Reflectors brings rigorous European standards to the manufacture of our reflectors , which are made from 3M Scotchlite reflective material to produce a soft, durable reflector in accordance with European Union Standard CE EN13356. For more information, see FAQ

You can count on our reflectors to Reflect Your World™! They’re a great way to show your commitment to quality products and social responsibility.


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